Specialist Mining Consultants

GPPH Mining Consultants have a proven track record in adding enormous value to our client’s projects, both in the study phase and for existing operations. Our innovative approach will let you understand and extract the most value which can be extracted from your resources.

Our foundation is a business centred approach. Analysing the underlying economics of the deposit allows you to focus on aspects which will dramatically improve your operation or project. The mine plan comes at the end of the process. This method is unparalleled in cost effectiveness. We are flexible in how our expertise is delivered, either through traditional mine consulting services, or through training programmes where you develop in-house skill sets.

GPPH Mining Consultants undertake services from technical mining consulting through to strategic corporate advice and has access to experienced professionals in disciplines including mining engineering, productivity improvement, coal beneficiation, infrastructure, mech/elect engineering, environment, geology, geotechnical engineering, project management, mergers and acquisitions.




GPPH provides a wide variety of services for the mining industry targeted towards the conditions in Asia and Oceania.
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Company News

Release of our new software - iSee Visual Analyser

iSee allows a quick and holistic approach to visual analysis for s of project development. The intuitive visual display enables stakeholders to identify the impact and extent of the visual disturbance.

A New Approach to Mine Design

Article written by Dean Sorley.
"Thank you to everyone who made the The Hunter Valley Coal Chain Conference 2013 a great success."
On behalf of the Organising Committee of the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Conference ....

Integrated Mine Planning

Our Senior Mining Engineer Dean Sorley spoke at the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Conference in April 2013 Dean spoke on Integrated Mine Planning.

Generating Marginal Costs for the Minex Optimiser

In 2011 our experienced Engineer, Michael Pitkin, presented at the Gemcom Minex User Conference. Michael spoke about Generating Marginal Costs for the Minex Optimiser.