GPPH Software

GPPH develops software alongside our consultancy services to increase the effectiveness and productivity of our teams.


Incorporating rapid prototyping software with our skilled teams makes it possible to compress project timelines while achieving budget.

iSee Visual Analyser

iSee provides fast and efficient visual analysis for any stage of project development. The intuitive visual display enables stakeholders to identify the impact and extent of the visual disturbance.


Generate Visibility from an Area.

iSee allows the user to specify a viewing area. Visibility is analysed from every point within this area. This allows for a quick and holistic approach to visual analysis.

Interactive Visible Points Display.

iSee identifies areas of visual disturbance with ease. By selecting points within your operation you can display the affected areas of neighbouring properties. This allows for quick visual assessment over options without the expense of generating a panorama. The selection of viewpoints for panorama generation is greatly simplified.

Generate Shadow Grid.

Visual analysis allows project development to understand the visual impact of pits and equipment movements throughout all design stages. Visual barrier design and location can be determined without detailed engineering design at concept.

Real World Analysis for Distant Neighbours.

iSee adjusts grids to the global spheroid before analysis.

Add Viewer Height.

iSee visibility generates realistic results based on the viewer height.

Efficient Planning

By generating a plan of visibility effects, the visual impact strategy can develop alongside mine planning. Avoid wasting time generating mine plans with visual issues. Get it right the first time.

Truck Simulation

The Haul Simulator, first developed in 1991, provides both truck haul times and fast efficient determination of truck and loader fleet productivity. The Simulator is a highly versatile tool used in concept, feasibility, implementation and operation review. It is designed to be used as an add-in to any spreadsheet with flexible data entry.


Integrated Equipment Database

Integrated with a comprehensive Equipment database with truck specifications, productivity, costing as well as rimpull, retarder and grade-ability data.

Safe & Realistic Speed Limits.

Speed limits determined based on truck and road design. Speed is limited by retarder specifications, road curvature, visibility, stopping distance and user defined road condition. Can give a realistic comparison of alternate road designs.

Fast Calculation with Variable Acceleration.

Calculation includes the standard constant acceleration or variable acceleration that matches rimpull specifications. Variable acceleration makes the calculation more precise and faster than constant acceleration.

Adjustable Segment List.

With an adjustable segment list the haul description can be detailed or as brief as needed.

Comprehensive System Outputs.

Truck simulation outputs include cycle time information in both graphical and tabular form to allow ready checking against the haul route. Other outputs include TKPH for estimating tyre heating and fuel burn both by segment and for the total cycle.

Integrates Seamlessly with Excel.

The Simulator add-in integrates with Microsoft Excel enabling fast calculation with the unrivalled flexibility of spreadsheets. Adding Simulations to a new or existing worksheet is easy with complete freedom of adding as many simulations as required.

Comprehensive Productivity & Truck Matching.

The haulage package has the advantage of being fast, simple and reproducible. It requires few inputs and accurate results as verified in many operations. The haulage package uses queuing theory coupled with binomial probability for downtimes.

Costing System
Scheduling System

The detailed scheduler builds on scheduling systems and experience spanning over 30 years.


Familiar & flexible software.

Intuitive allocation without macros.

Time saving task grouping.

Sequence diagrams.

Comprehensive sequenced outputs.

Data Tools

Data Extraction Wizard
The data extraction wizard is a Microsoft Excel Addin that allows the accurate extraction of data from virtually any format.

Working Section Tools
Designed for quick access to geological data where the deposit is complex.



Data Extraction Wizard

The data extraction wizard is a Microsoft Excel Addin that allows the accurate extraction of data from virtually any format.

Developed for extracting data from excel coal analysis and sample logs of any format the software has performed well. Extracting an entire collection of over 20 years of samples within a two week period. Eliminating the transcription errors present with previous forms of automated conversion.

Working Section Tools

Designed for quick access to geological data where the deposit is complex.

This software made it possible to analyse a deposit with 158 plies, 411 combinations and 193 mineable combinations. Identifying 36 working section targets, mapping and modelling their extent for input into regular mining software.

Dragline Simulation

The Dragline Simulator first developed in 1981 has evolved over the last 33 years. Filling the need for an effective cross-section planning tool, the Dragline Simulator has solved mining issues in the most complex operations in Australia. The Dragline Simulator incorporates powerful blasting analysis and simulation. Using a parametric approach to blast definition ensures accurate and fast blast simulation. Dump constraint planning is fast and effective due to innovative 2.5D modelling. Planning with the Dragline Simulator reduces planning time and empowers the engineer. It provides a superior result by examining many options.


Flexible Multi-Pass Planning.

Handling multi-pass planning is made simple using intuitive stage by stage display. This allows the engineer to both focus on the problem and communicate the solution effectively.

User Controlled Cross-Section Planning.

The engineer enjoys unparalleled design flexibility with the Dragline Simulator.

2.5D Volumes.

The innovative 2.5D design allows the Engineer to handle 3D problems in a fraction of the time taken for 3D modelling. Designs allow for corners, ramps, end-walls and carrying waste. This makes access design possible without generating a full 3D model.

Equipment, Fleet & System Productivity.

Cross sectioning power is matched with the unrivalled flexibility of spreadsheet calculation. The result is powerful and auditable.

Realistic Blast Shape Generation.

Blast shape generation is fast and uncomplicated. Blast parameters can be obtained from previous studies or derived from actual blasts onsite. Blast simulation can simulate the effect of changing pit geometry or blasting attributes.

Cross-Section Import

The Dragline Simulator can import any DXF. In addition sections can be modified and duplicated to meet the requirements of the engineer.

Differential Swell Factors.

Modelled swell factors are fully adjustable to model varying mining methods. Each swell factor is modelled and stored with the dump section.

Online Tools